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Lift Your Voice
We live in a world,
That for some reason teaches us,
To keep our voices silent,
When instead, we should lift them up
We are so afraid of being wrong...
We live in a world,
That seems so out of reach,
So many people choose,
To not practice what they preach
How long must this go on...?
We...all...have...a voice...
And to use it should be our choice...!
Raise it to the heavens,
And scream out your pain!
If we all sing,
We can never be contained!
And every day,
Sing the same refrain...
We live,
        (And we live)
And we live,
        (And we live...)
(So sing the song again...)
We live in a world,
That offers second chances,
But so many ignore them,
Don't give them second glances
We are so afraid of falling out of line...
We live in a world,
Where so few have everything,
And so many have nothing,
Not even their dreams
How long...must this
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 67 87
Song of Healing
Day to night, dark to light,
Fall the sands of time.
Let the years like the gears
Of a clock unwind
In your mind walk through time
Back to better days.
Memories, like a dream,
Wash your tears away.
Like a star in the sky darkness can't reach you.
Light the night, joy is light 'til the new dawn.
Cast away your old face
Full of gloom and spite.
With this mask I will ask
To borrow your light.
:iconcoldflamezero:ColdFlameZero 550 167
Pattern VI :icondelineans:delineans 1 0
Eden Eternal
In a world where the chatter doesn't cease,
and claps for the hollow silence
I cling to the voice in my head,
the one I don't wish to lose.
In my wounded city,
the scents of spices and copper,
lingers in the old markets,
along with the shadowy figures
of merchants and people,
that no longer tread these roads.
The mad man who once sang
words that were long disowned, 
rode a black horse, and set fire
to the golden wheat field he called home.
In my city, the one that now runs red with blood,
I wake to scorching bullets, 
and tank barrels aimed at my chest,
every single day, and every morning,
I promise myself this is the last day,
we'll have to endure war,
but the sunset never draws near.
The story teller has gone insane
and we're still waiting for his tale to end,
but he set fire to his books
and coated his stories in ash,
he threw at the wind.
A thousand nights went along,
people marched into darkness,
holding on to matchboxes that threatened to blow,
and yet we escaped w
:iconsolidmars:SolidMars 105 46
Steam Punk Technomancer mask :iconimpsandthings:impsandthings 334 21 Edge of Surrealism :iconnadavdov:NadavDov 303 190
It's too late to fall back asleep when
Eden's turned to weeds
and ivy's strangled the trees.
I remember when we courted and I thought you
were like one of the first flutes, roughly hewn, and I became
afraid of forgetting the sound of the song we
Something has evaded us and now I
no longer belong here with you.
I thought this time it was my turn,
so freely stepped out of the blue and into the grey
of stormy cars and stifling London air of May.
A bright leaf suspended on water,
is due to go under.
My past life impossible to tune out
like background noise it is reflected in windows,
raindrops and metallic doors. Spices of home no longer around,
and sounds of the bustling street sellers I now miss waking me
up outside my window that always used to
set up opposite the rug trader.
And the coloured saris that belonged to my mama
I can't wear when my heart is in a cold place
such as it is when I am around you and so far
from home.
:iconjanebee:JaneBee 29 23
Life and a Lady
Life and a Lady
A little girl,
With pastel stains on her cheeks
I remember so vaguely
But she walked home that day
With a star in her hands
And chocolate milk on her mind
A little lady,
With confetti littered in her cheeks
I remember, though barely
But she walked home that day
With a medal in her hands
And the promised computer in mind
A teenage girl,
With tears on her cheeks
I remember somewhat clearly
But she walked home that day
With a toga in hand
And college in her mind
A grown-up lady,
With make-up on her cheeks
I remember lucidly
And she walked home that day
With a diploma in hand
And success in her mind
A woman,
With blush on her cheeks
I remember so vividly
And she walked home that day
With a ring in her hand
And a man in her mind
A bride,
With bloom on her cheeks
I’ll remember infinitely
Walked to a new home that day
With a hand in her hand
And eternity in her mind
A mother,
With small hands on her cheeks
I’ll remember joyfully
And she walked home that day
With a
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